Favela Housing: “My Home in the Favela”

With her project “My Home in the Favela” Israeli architect Oshrit Reis documents homes in Favela Rocinha – among them the growing guest house of Camila and her family.



Historic Rocinha Favela

Historic Rocinha Favela

Camila's Home | late 90

Camila’s Home | late 90

Camila's Home | kitchen | 2006-2015

Camila’s Home | kitchen | 2006-2015

Camila's Home | renovation of 2015

Camila’s Home | renovation of 2015

Camila's Home | Hostel kitchen and rooftop | 2017

Camila’s Home | Hostel kitchen and rooftop | 2017


For more about favela architecture check the website of Oshrit Reis