BuzzingCities Lab at TACIT FUTURES conference

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Borders, technology, a lot of data on humans, money, goods and debates on the tracking of movements: BuzzingCities Lab will be part of the TACIT FUTURES conference by Berliner Gazette and Volksbühne in Berlin in autumn 2016.

“Borders and infrastructure enable or disable the movement of humans and goods, data and money. Hence both are sites at which the future of human togetherness is shaped – fostering equality or aggravating inequality. So, who is actually taking decisions about the control of movement and thus about the future of society? Can the futures that are hidden at these sites – can these tacit futures become a democratic project?

PUBLIC TALKS with Konrad Becker, Jennifer Kamau, Brian Massumi, Guillaume Paoli, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Marcus Staiger, and many more.

WORKSHOPS with artists, researchers, activists and programmers from more than twenty countries on issues such as: “Industries of prediction and margins of freedom”, “The politics of borders and money moves”, “Traces of movement and the question of rights”, “Care culture, drone war and mass mobility” and “Co-working, platform activism and refugees”.”