RioHardcore / Olympic Legacy #4: Gold for City of God (Cidade de Deus), Rio`s most famous Favela

The dark side of Rio de Janeiro: The movie Cidade de Deus, City of God (2002) revealed the rampant crime, police corruption and violence in Rios Favelas to the world. The setting, Cidade de Deus (City of God) in Rio became notorious – for many, it became the synonym for a Favela.

When judo fighter Rafaela Silva from Cidade de Deus scored the first Olympic Gold Medal for Brazil, Cidade de Deus became famous again. But everyday life is still a challenge – with conflicts between the Pacifying Police Unit (UPP) and the druggang and lacking opportunities.

BTW: The movie was not even shot in the real Cidade de Deus, because the local drug gangs forbid the film makers to shoot there. Plus the real CDD is not really a classical Favela, but rather a slum. While Favelas in Rio are homegrown, piled up by the people in need of space to live, Cidade de Deus was a social housing project built by the city, that was overtaken by drug gangs later, a slum.


RIO HARDCORE: 24 Hours live from Rio 2016 – Live from the Olympics, the Protests, Rio`s Favelas & Beaches, The Outskirts. A lot of Rio Voices. What moves Rio? What stays from the Olympics, what is the legacy of the Games? What is Rio`s future? A journey across Rio de Janeiro. Follow @_jaroschewski on Periscope and come along with us – and send us your own Video message for a crowdsourced collage of Rio 2016. 

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